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Before Your Visit

If you have had prior pregnancy problems or have a complicated medical history, please bring any relevant medical records. During our first visit, we will establish a plan of care for this pregnancy. The more information you bring, the more thorough we can be in addressing your concerns.

We also ask that you fill in some routine paperwork prior to your first visit, to minimize your wait time.

Please fill in these documents and email them to us prior to your visit at:

Your First Visit

You should expect an initial visit with one of our Maternal-Fetal medicine providers. If you have had prior pregnancy complications, please bring any relevant medical records. Depending on your unique situation, we will develop a management plan best suited to your pregnancy. A physical examination and ultrasound of your baby are often performed.
You will also have the opportunity to get to know our practice, including meeting our nurse and receptionist.

Remember to bring your completed Medical History Form

At the initial visit, we often discuss:

  • Our practice structure.
  • Prenatal testing options, including genetic screening and carrier testing for certain diseases.
  • A plan for your pregnancy.
  • Diet, exercise, and weight gain goals.
  • A plan for the frequency of office visits.
  • An initial brief discussion regarding your delivery.
  • Questions will be answered.

You will also be offered:

  • Prenatal screening
  • Down syndrome screening
  • Invasive testing
  • Carrier screening

Your Follow-up Visits

Depending on your unique situation, we will develop a management plan best suited to your pregnancy. All patients initiate care with an initial visit where we determine the plan for most of the pregnancy and address your specific needs and concerns. In the first and second trimesters (until 28 weeks), most patients are seen in the office every 3-4 weeks. The frequency of visits increases after 28 weeks, usually starting with visits every other week and then increasing to once a week until delivery.

The average patient has roughly 10-12 prenatal visits during the pregnancy. High-risk patients are commonly seen more often, depending on their specific needs or the management plan established early in the pregnancy.

At each visit, you can expect to have your blood pressure assessed and a urine sample evaluated. We also listen to the baby's heart beat and estimate fetal growth. During every visit, we assess how you and the baby are doing, if anything has changed since the initial plan, and determine whether additional testing should be performed.

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